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Please let us know if you like our service, or if you or your family have been positively impacted by our service. Or, if you have suggestions to improve. 

We are always looking for stories we can publish (first names only if you wish) in our flyers, web pages, etc. 

You can just email us here, stop by our downtown office, or write us a letter and sending it to 1128 State Street, Suite 317 Erie, PA  16501. We are most grateful for your time. 

We appreciate all feedback, regardless, since it helps us improve our services for you! 


Say NO to Asset Test for SNAP

As you may have heard, Gov. Tom Corbett plans to bar Pennsylvania families with modest savings from getting SNAP (food stamps) starting May 1.

Families with as little as $2,000 in savings ($3,250 for seniors and people with disabilities) would no longer qualify for benefits. Tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians would be cut from the program in this tough economy.

Speaking in terms of pure economic value, all this asset test would do is speed the depletion of those very important savings of low and no income people. And once that’s done, they will qualify for SNAP anyway so what will be be gained? This plan says, “The poor must get poorer before we help them,” and it will systematically drive those who cannot afford meals – before or after the asset test – deeper into poverty.

This test runs completely counter to the improvements made to the national welfare system in 1997 that specifically allowed people to keep more assets until their income grew. Financial limits only keep people in the welfare system. So why is this test even being considered?

Thank you for your support in the fight against hunger. For more information about SNAP and the asset test, please visit, click on SNAP Campaign on the menu bar and scroll down to the link to an article in the Patriot-News called This Test Is No Asset.

Volunteering featured on

Metro-Erie Meals On Wheels was featured today as a place to volunteer on the website. This nice mention is part of their Volunteer Round-Up for January. The article appears here:

REMEMBER: We need volunteers…all the time…if you know someone who could volunteer weekdays between 10:30AM and 12:30PM , please have them call 452-6930. Thanks!

MEMOW at Presque Isle Downs

Metro-Erie Meals On Wheels at Presque Isle Downs

Terry Pytlarz at Presque Isle Downs

On October 24, 2011, Metro-Erie Meals On Wheels was represented at Presque Isle Downs during their employee kickoff event. As shown in the photo, Terry Pytlarz, Executive Director, talked to over 40 employees and other non-profit personnel about being a volunteer driver for Meals On Wheels.