How To Volunteer

Deliver Meals: You can help Erie’s home bound and at-risk elderly by volunteering to deliver meals once a week, once a month, or once in a while.

Shop and Deliver Groceries: Our grocery shoppers deliver about once a week, a couple of times a month, or more depending on their schedule and how many clients they shop for. We try to match you up with clients closest to your nearest Giant Eagle store.

For more detailed information on volunteering for Meals On Wheels Erie please click here: Volunteer FAQ’s page.

Call (814) 452-6930 between 8AM and 4PM or use this handy form to let us know your interest!


Meals On Wheels Erie Volunteer_____________________________________________

Your role is critical to the health and welfare of appreciative home bound seniors and adults with disabilities. A smile and a few kind words are sometimes as nourishing as the meal itself. With your help, our seniors can stay where they are most comfortable – in their own homes.

You will make a difference either delivering meals or shopping and delivering groceries.

Read what our volunteers have to say about their service:

“It is important to me to put a face to the program, and see all that is accomplished through the funds I oversee and account for.” – Karen B.

“I enjoy helping people who are unable to take care of themselves. Many of our clients no longer drive so they are not able to shop for food. They appreciate getting their food daily, but most of all, they enjoy the social interaction that we are able to give them. It is a rewarding experience!” – Mary Jane M.

“It serves a special need for those who can’t get out to buy food or can’t afford a nutritious meal every day. It’s also a good way to check on people each day as we may be the only person they see each day.” – John G.

“Having spent 36 years in homes installing phones, I have seen how much people in the area need this service. It doesn’t matter what you have or have had there comes a time when a little help is needed. So giving back to the community seems like they thing to do.” – Ron S.

“I wanted to give back to the community and I love people! I didn’t realize how much it would do for my spirit & my soul…it’s a blessing!” – Anita K.

“It’s something I always wanted to do and retiring, we were able to give our time. I think it’s an extremely important program for seniors and disbled persons. Sometimes we are the only people our clients see.” – Jack and Lois K.

“To give back to the community!! To see the smiles & converse with the clients.” – Scott S.

“When I retired, my wife suggested we do this as a team. This provides us with an activity we can share, and the clients’ expressions of thanks makes it worthwhile.” – Charlie and Susan R.

“I enjoy the clients and appreciate the opportunity to serve others, to give back to the community.” – Louisa S.

“I feel the need is great for this cause, to feed the disabled and elderly; proud to be a part of this mission.” – Karen H.

“It is really an honor to serve those in need. Feeding people is one my favorite things to do so this is perfect.” – Colleen F.

“Wanted to give back to the community. Have had a family member who needed the service and know it is valuable.” – Karen C.

“People need to eat and I enjoy helping them by delivering food!” – Mary Ann S.

“It is a pleasure to do the shopping and delivery to the clients we have delivered to. They are all so friendly and appreciate it just makes our day. We are so glad we got involved in this program. Feel free to call anytime if you need to have a delivery made, we are usually able to fit it in.” – Bill & Joanne K.