Click HERE to download our menu in PDF format.

This menu is for only Private Pay and Under 60 Clients with Disabilities.

How to read the menu:

  • Each Cycle is one full week. There are four Cycles that continuously rotate. Page 3 lists all the weeks of the year with their matching Cycles. Please note that our year runs from June through July
  • Under the row of the week’s Hot Meals is the Optional Light Meal meal menu. This is optional for Private Pay clients and standard for our Under 60 clients with disabilities.
  • If you choose the Diet (diabetic) Meal, desserts are low or no sugar and noted on the list of menu items each day in italics.
  • For those with allergies and other food restrictions, we can substitute foods. For example, if you are lactose intolerant we can give you juice instead of milk. NOTE: We cannot substitute one type of milk for another such as fat free for 2% or chocolate for white milk. Additionally, the kitchen uses what they have available at the time of the substitution…i.e. you cannot custom order your own substitution. For instance, most of the meat substitutions would be chicken and most of the vegetable substitutions would be green beans. 

Call us weekdays 8AM to 4PM if you have questions. Our number is (814) 452-6930.