Our menu consists of four weekly cycles. Each of our meals offers plenty of variety.

In the picture at left, only the protein, starch, and vegetable are shown and gives you an idea of portion sizing. Additionally, clients receive a salad, dessert, bread and butter, and 8 oz. of 2% milk.

All our meals meet the requirements found in Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (www.dietaryguidelines.gov).

We offer the following averages per meal by weekly Cycle for each of the important nutrition categories below:

Cycle I Cycle II Cycle III Cycle IV
Calories 257 267 242 233
Protein 25% 43% 29% 28%
Carbs 31% 33% 33% 34%
Fat (<35%) 29% 30% 32% 28%
Sodium (<1300mg) 330 604 239 420
Sugars (mg) 14 33 15 4
Calcium 2% 13% 3% 11%
Iron 8% 7% 10% 4%

The percentages represent calories from that item as it relates to the whole meal. For instance, Cycle I meals have an average of 25% Protein.

Additionally, fat should represent less than (<) 35% of total calories and less than 1,300 mg of sodium – which we are well under.

We add no salt to our meals. Everything is “salt to taste.”