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$299 Prescription Drug Phone Scam

The Pennsylvania Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) has received calls about a prescription drug phone scam affecting PA seniors. The scammer offers a new prescription drug plan for the low price of $299 per year, then asks for checking account information and social security number (no reputable company or government agency will EVER ask for this information).

Don’t believe anyone who threatens to take away your Medicare benefits if you do not sign up for their plan.

Remember: Never give out your checking account, social security, or Medicare number to someone who calls you. Medicare does not allow prescription drug plans to cold call seniors.

If you get a call like this, protect yourself by hanging up the phone (my Mom doesn’t like hanging up on people. So, she sets the phone down on the counter and cleans something – they’re never there when she picks up the phone again!)

 If you believe you may have been the victim of this scam or would like to report another health care scam, call the SMP  at CARIE (Center For Advocacy For The Rights And Interest Of The Elderly). They are there to help. A real person will answer your call. No buttons to push or menus to follow. 1-800-356-3606.


HB 2191 Is Bad For Pennsylvania Seniors

Please click here to read my open letter to Senators Jane Earll and Mary Jo White asking them to vote NO on House Bill 2191, the payday lending bill.

Payday lending is abusive lending at it’s worst. With an effective APR rate of 369%, toothless consumer protections, and a target market of fixed income Pennsylvanians, it’s the perfect storm of a high-cost debt cycle.

Our clients cannot afford passage of this bill but it has already passed Congress. No state has passed a payday lending bill since 2005. AZ and MT have curtailed their laws in favor of a 26% usury rate, NC allowed their sunset clause to expire, and OH voters rejected a ballot initiative by payday lenders to increase Ohio’s 28% rate cap to 70%.

If you feel this is bad business and should be stopped, please use my letter as a template for your own and mail them today. Time is of the essence here given the timing of the upcoming vote. Do it today and back our seniors, veterans and retirees…a fixed income is a payday lenders best friend.